Dave Rogers for Florida 17

Fun facts about CDR Dave...

Favorite beer is "cold."
Second favorite is Stella.
Die Hard is a Christmas movie
Over, of course. As intended.
Drove a frigate up the Grand Canal in Venice as a lieutenant, and moored in San Marco Square.
Had to flip said frigate around the next morning because the diesel generators were keeping the residents up at night.
Once met Sen. John Glenn and Sen. John Warner aboard STEPHEN W GROVES.
His brother has his left kidney, and he's had it for more than 20 years. Probably won't get it back.
Mac user, but Apple ][ forever!
RPN, and mourns for HP.
First ship was USS GLOVER, same as Sen. Rick Scott.
Spent more time in GLOVER than Rick Scott spent in his entire enlistment.
Underway is the only way.
Favorite movies: Groundhog Day, The Matrix, Meet Joe Black, Joe Versus the Volcano, Gladiator, In Harm's Way, Cast Away, Love Actually.
Did one cat shot and two traps as a passenger in a C-2.
Ran two marathons, first in San Diego, second in Arizona. Arizona was flatter.
Ran about a half-dozen Donna half-marathons. A couple of the old Outback Half Marathons.
Ran several Gate River Runs.
Has chronic achilles tendonitis in his right foot. Doesn't run much anymore.
Nintendo fan.
Olympus shooter.
Qualified Expert Pistol.
Likes shooting. Doesn't own a gun.
Ham radio operator as a kid, WN2FEB.
Knows Morse code. Well, he used to.
First car was a Fiat X1/9. 70HP!
Doesn't presently own a car.
Sean Connery was the best Bond.
Han shot first.
Science fiction fan from 6th grade when librarian, Mrs. Lupica, introduced him to Have Space Suit - Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein.
Favorite TV show: Battlestar Galactica (the Ron Moore remake)
HBO's Game of Thrones was enormous disappointment. Speak no more of it.
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Diet Mountain Dew (contains no ingredients found in nature)
Loves planes, hates air travel.
Trained in taekwondo and Krav Maga. Haven't practiced in years.
Has no tattoos and no piercings. But he's young, give him a chance.
Used to be pretty good at chess.
High school nerd, appeared on local TV on It's Academic!
Pretty good trivia player.
Got married at a brewery on the Hudson River.
Had several years of therapy. Changed his life.
Has been a pax in SH-3, CH-46, SH-60, and Bell 206 helicopters.
Helicopters don't fly, they beat gravity into submission. 10,000 parts flying in close formation, all looking for a place to crash.
Got lost in an aircraft carrier as an ensign. Fortunately, he was found.

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