Dave Rogers for Florida 17

Fighting for Florida's future

Why I Am Running

This is not how I planned on spending my summer vacation.

Running for state representative was never on my bucket list.

Every elected leader, at every level of government, from my county commissioners to the president of the United States is a Republican. In this part of Florida, Republicans dominate.

None of them believe in climate science.

If I had not decided to run, Cyndi Stevenson would have been unopposed. Her name would never have appeared on the ballot. She’d simply succeed herself in office.

We’d never have a debate about how Cyndi Stevenson is representing the citizens of the 17th district.

You would never have a choice.

In a democracy, we all deserve that debate, Republicans, Democrats and NPAs alike.

Our children deserve that debate, because we're choosing their future.

You deserve a choice.

So I’m running.

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