Dave Rogers for Florida 17


Climate Change

Science shows that the emission of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution has altered the chemistry of earth's atmosphere. As a result, more of the energy we receive from the sun is being trapped in the seas and the earth's atmosphere, warming the climate and melting the ice sheets. The resulting changes in weather patterns, increases in extreme weather events and sea level rise damage public infrastructure, private property and endanger public health.

We experience this in our daily lives. No one denies that the climate is changing, or that sea level is rising; but Republicans rely on disinformation to delay taking action in order to preserve the profits of the fossil fuel industry. We live in a crowded, complex, inter-connected and interdependent world. Climate change stresses all the systems of our global civilization that support nearly 8 billion people on this planet.

Our children's future is at risk. We must take bold, immediate steps to stop the emission of CO2. Learn more here.


The American dream has been predicated on the ideal that all citizens are equal. For too many of our fellow citizens, its realization has fallen far short of that lofty goal. The source of that inequality is rooted in long-standing systemic inequities in our institutions, which are themselves the legacy of our complicated and often problematic history. It is the duty of each generation of Americans to advance the cause first put forth by our founders. The job is never done, and we all must do our part. For too long, my generation has neglected this duty and too many have suffered for our inattention.


While we have made strides in reducing racial inequality, systemic racism is still present in our institutions and in our hearts. Not only that, but our fellow black citizens still live with the consequences of centuries of injustice. It is incumbent on us to acknowledge these facts, confront the injustices and act courageously to remedy them.


Our understanding of human sexual identity has grown. Our cultural and institutional acceptance of this understanding has not kept pace. Gender identity is complex, and regardless of whether or not any of us is ready or willing to embrace that complexity, citizens are citizens, and they are all entitled to equal dignity, respect, treatment and protection under the law.


Through a half century of Republican and neo-liberal Democratic policies and legislation, de-regulated and unregulated capitalism has produced a dizzying array of low cost consumer products, a degraded natural environment and levels of income and wealth inequality that exceed even those of the Gilded Age in American history. We must act to reign in unregulated capitalism, recognize the value of labor, ensure affordable access to quality healthcare for all residents and ensure all children receive a quality education regardless of their zip code.

Learn more here.

Growth and Development

Florida has a unique natural beauty, which is its strongest asset. Similarly, Florida's ecology is like no other in the United States. While facing unprecedented threats from climate change and sea level rise, what remains of our natural environment is also under increasing pressure from poorly regulated growth.

St Johns County is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. It is also blessed with many remarkable natural amenities, from our 41 miles of beaches, to the St Johns River. To preserve those natural amenities, and the diverse plant and animal life they support, we must manage our growth and development wisely, balancing the needs of a growing population and preserving the natural environment that makes St Johns County such a wonderful place in which to live, work and raise a family.

Florida enacted some of the best growth management legislation in the nation in the 80s. That framework has been steadily and systematically dismantled by successive Republican legislatures, acting to promote the profits and interests of developers. I will work to reverse that trend. Learn more here.

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