Dave Rogers for Florida 17

Fighting for Florida's future



This morning, I had a candidate interview with a committee from a local organization, and we discussed some of the ways I believe we could make our region of Florida a more desirable place in which to establish a business.

There are already many advantages to doing business in Florida, we're a low-tax state; we have a great climate; many wonderful natural amenities; locally, we have tremendous logistical assets in terms of the port, railroads, I-95 and so on.

One way we can improve our competitiveness is by increasing our investment in education. We should be proud to offer a first-class workforce, and young people entering the workforce for the first time, with the skills and abilities to master the new technologies and the new jobs and opportunities they offer.

Furthermore, our educational system should produce not only skilled workers, but should encourage the growth and development of new entrepreneurs and innovators, so that new businesses aren't just attracted to our region, they're made here!

For too long, we've failed to recognize the essential importance of a quality education for all of our citizens. Good schools shouldn't be determined by zip codes. We need to ensure all of our schools have all the resources they need to succeed. And that includes paying teachers wages that recognize the value and importance of their work, their talent and passion for their mission, to educate our youth.

I'm a product of public education at every level; and whatever success I've enjoyed in my life has been due to the investment my parents, the citizens of the communities we lived in, and my teachers made in me, in ensuring I received a quality education. A first-class education is a powerful tool in reducing systemic inequities in our society.

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